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2022 STAFF


Nicole Harbaruk-Syverson

Hi everyone. My name is Nicole and I’m the pool manager again this year. And I am so happy about that. I love working at the pool with all the young people. They keep me laughing, are creative and I always cherish the feeling of family we have by the end of the season.

My 3 favourite things are travel (I miss this so much), I’m definitely a foodie (I love all kinds ) and friends, family and dogs .

I am looking forward to seeing everyone at pool

Ashley Gartner

My name is Ashley Gartner, and I will be the Headguard for the Macklin pool again this summer. I grew up living here in Macklin my whole life. I am currently teaching at STA in Provost in grade 5 and 7. Interests of mine include traveling, teaching, swimming, engaging in any outdoor activities, and spending time with family and friends. In relation to the pool, I have always enjoyed swimming. I enjoy guarding as well as being a swimming lesson instructor because I love being outside and teaching individuals of any age how to swim! This year I am looking forward to train some of our new lifeguards and swim instructors!

Olivia 2022_edited.jpg

Olivia Golden

I am currently finishing high school and in the fall I will be going to the U of S for Biomedical Sciences. I wanted to become a guard/instructor because I like spending my summers outside and enjoy swimming and spending time with kids. This summer I’m excited to continue teaching lessons!

Latisia 2022_edited.jpg

Latisia Parsons

My name is Latisia Parsons. I am from Provost Alberta, and graduating from STA school. In the fall I am off to Red Deer to get my bachelor degree in Biochemistry. Some of my interests are sports, music, and being outdoors. I love being a guard and instructor because of the connections I make with those who come to the pool and I am super excited to be back at Macklin pool this year and continue helping those who come to enjoy it! 

Summer 2022.jpg

Summer Stang

Hello everyone! My name is Summer Stang and I am a part of the graduating class of 2022! I became a lifeguard and instructor because I love the outdoors, spending time with kids, and swimming! I am so excited to be back at the pool this year, see you there!

Cassidy 2022_edited.jpg

Cassidy Reschny

Hi I’m Cassidy Reschny, and this will be my third year working at the pool! I live right here in Macklin and am currently finishing up my grade 11 year. A few of my favourite things to do include: playing my favourite sports (softball and volleyball), baking, shopping, spending time with family & watching Netflix.
I first decided that I wanted to become a lifeguard because I knew it would be a great summer job that would match many of my interests and abilities. First off, I was always the kid at the pool all summer long. I could swim for hours and still like to. Secondly, I love little kids and this way through my job I get to connect with some. The thing that I love most about being a lifeguard is that I get to spend time outside in the sun (another one of my favourite things) while still working a job. It’s the best thing ever!!

Reese Weinkauf

I’m Reese Weinkauf and this is my third summer at the pool. I like to swim, play softball and volleyball, and be outside. I have two dogs and live here in town. I wanted to be a lifeguard because I love swimming and spending time outside. I’m very excited to finally have a full summer at the pool!

Addison 2022.jpg

Addison McCurry

Hi my name is Addison McCurry I am 16 and currently finishing my grade 10 year at Macklin School. This will be my second year at the pool as a guard. I live in Macklin Saskatchewan with my dad, mom, my sister, and my dog Nash. My three favourite things are to travel, hang out with friends, and snowboard. I am super excited for this year at the pool

Landon 2022.jpg

Landon McNalley

My name is Landon McNalley, I'm 16 and from Chauvin, Alberta. I wanted to be a guard and instructor to help keep people safe and teach people how to be save themselves. I am excited to learn this year all about the people I will be teaching, as well as learning how to work in a pool environment!

Brandi 2022.jpg

Brandi Hottot

Hi Everyone! My name is Brandi Hottot. This will be my second year working at Macklin pool and I’m super excited to do what I love with the people I love! Ever since I was a little girl I always loved spending time in the sun and being in the water, as I grew older I knew lifeguarding would be in my future and now I’m currently taking my Sr. Lifeguarding Course. I’m super excited to have a great summer with amazing people and can’t wait to see all your faces there!

Abbey 2022.jpg

Abbey Folk

My name is Abbey Folk. I am 15 years old. I wanted to become a lifeguard because I like to swim. I am excited to learn how to keep people safe this summer.

Jorja 2022.jpg

Heading 1

Jorja Gartner


.My name is Jorja Gartner and I am 15 years old. l live on a farm, so I have lots of cats and a dog named Butters! In the fall and winter I enjoy playing volleyball and figure skating. In summer I play softball. I also like playing piano and painting. This is my first year working at the pool and I am excited to learn about how things operate around Macklin Pool! I decided to become a lifeguard because as a kid I always thought it would be a super cool job, so I am working hard to get my full lifeguard certification!

Danyn 2022_edited.jpg

Danyn Sieben

My name is Danyn Baier and I will be teaching Aquafit again this summer! I’ve been working over 5 years now at Provost Hospital and on my days off you can find me at the golf course! 

I’m super excited to be back and I look forward to seeing all the past and new faces!

Beach Ball in Pool
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